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Production Guidelines

Production Guidelines

We recognize that there may be times when you utilize the services of an outside company to assist you with the “production” of your program, whether for audio visual needs or décor.  Given those circumstances and the need to help us maintain our facility, we expect you to share the following information with your sub-contractor:

•The Production Company needs to be aware that the Hilton Americas-Houston is a Union hotel.
•The Production Company needs to provide the hotel with a Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.00.
•The Production Company must register on a daily basis with our Security Base Station on Level One upon arrival and retrieve a bracelet.
•There will be a facility walk-through of the contracted event space with you, the Event Services Manager and the Production Company.
•Equipment cannot be closer than eighteen (18) inches to the perimeter walls.
•All post set-up storage must either be in compliance with the City of Houston Fire Code or removed from the Hotel’s premises.  Nothing can be stored in the back of the house, service corridor or air wall closets.
•It is the responsibility of the Production Company to adhere to the appropriate Union jurisdictions in handling all non-Hilton property.
•In compliance with the City of Houston Fire Code, the ballroom doors do not lock.  The Hotel is not responsible for anything that is left in the ballroom.
•Due to multiple-group usage of our function space, the Production Company needs to submit a timeline for set-up, rehearsals and teardown times to your Event Manager.
•The Production Company must cover all cabling on the floor using either tape or ramps.  A walk-through with your Event Manager will be scheduled to ensure this requirement is met.
•It is the responsibility of the Production Company to protect all carpeted and/or marbled areas during set-up and teardown; the use of either plywood or visqueen is required.
•A fire guard will be required in the event your production necessitates deactivating our fire safety system.
•While on site, any additional needs/requests should be directed to the Event Services Manager.
•No Loading is allowed in front of Hotel.

The Hilton Americas-Houston does not provide custodial services for production or decorating companies. Trash removal from the production/decorated area is the sole responsibility of the contractor. All trash must be placed into its appropriate container, any excess of trash which results in an additional dumpster pick-up or delivery will be billed directly to contractor. At the conclusion of the exhibit or production, the function room and loading dock must be left presentable for the next day's business prior to leaving the property.  

It is the responsibility of the decorator/florist to return immediately after the contracted event has finished, to remove any materials used to decorate the function space. The decorator/florist must ensure that the space is left in a presentable manner, which means removal of all trash, wood, leaves, flower petals etc. Any damages caused to hotel property will be directly billed to the contractor. Any leaves, flowers, etc., left on the floors prior to the event must be cleaned up by the florist

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