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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

At Hilton Worldwide, protecting the environment is a top priority. A comprehensive company-wide policy to promote business practices that help preserve the environment is in place at Hilton properties around the world, with guidelines provided for all facilities to “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” everywhere possible. Hilton Americas-Houston, the first Green Seal Certified hotel in Texas, encourages guests to join them in their conservation efforts with the placement of recycle bins in all guest rooms and public spaces.

In an effort to always go a step further, Green Seal Certified Hilton Americas‐Houston uses biodiesel as an alternative, environmentally‐friendly fuel for the emergency generator. Biodiesel, a non‐toxic and biodegradable energy source, is a clean‐burning alternative to petroleum diesel made from renewable domestic resources, and significantly reduces harmful hydrocarbon emissions and greenhouse gases, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by as much a 78% as compared to petroleum diesel.

Another sustainability effort undertaken by Hilton Americas‐Houston is the installation of the AquaRecycle water recycling system in the hotel’s laundry. The laundry facility, covering 27,000 square feet and rivaling most commercial laundry plants in both size and capacity, is by far the largest hotel laundry in the city, washing and finishing over 675,000 pounds of linens per month. With the installation of the AquaRecycle water recycling system, Hilton Americas‐Houston’s pre‐installation water usage of 630,000 gallons per month has been reduced by 75%, conserving over 5.5 million gallons of drinking water per year and keeping the same amount of wastewater and associated toxins from entering the environment through the local wastewater treatment plants. Water returned to the washers through the AquaRecycle system maintains its temperature at 120 degrees, achieving significant energy savings by eliminating the need to heat cold water to the required wash temperatures. These savings are reflected not only monetarily in lower natural gas bills, but also environmentally by preventing over 260 metric tons of greenhouse gases in the form of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Hilton Americas‐Houston’s laundry, an extremely high‐volume facility, processes 9 million pounds of laundry per year for the 1,200 guestroom downtown hotel. By utilizing the AquaRecycle system, the hotel has reduced their carbon footprint as they continue their ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship.

As yet another way to conserve energy and natural resources, Hilton Americas‐Houston installed extremely energy efficient Tiger‐Pumps to pump and circulate water throughout the 24‐story 1.8 million gross square foot property.

Additionally, Hilton Americas‐Houston is now purchasing renewable‐resource uniforms, made from recycled P.E.T, a process which creates fabric made of materials repurposed from discarded bottle caps.

Hilton Americas‐Houston was chosen as the nation‐wide 2009 winner in the American Hotel & Lodging Association Green Guidelines Challenge. Some of the many Houston area green‐related awards include the 2008 Mayor’s Proud Partner Keep Houston Beautiful Certificate of Recognition for Green Seal Certification Efforts, the 2009 Mayor’s Proud Partner Keep Houston Beautiful Certificate of Recognition for Bio‐diesel Usage, the 2010 Mayor’s Proud Partner Keep Houston Beautiful Overall Winner Award for Aqua‐Recycle Water Reclamation Installation and the 2011 Mayor's Proud Partner Keep Houston Beautiful Certificate of Recognition for Environmentally Responsible Renovation.

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