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Hilton Americas‐Houston, Houston’s largest hotel with 1,200 guestrooms, is committed to reducing its overall carbon footprint through all that it does. In addition to being the first Green Seal Certified hotel in the state of Texas, the sustainability‐award‐winning Hilton Americas‐Houston constantly strives to go a step beyond in their sustainability efforts, acting as a green‐leader in the community.

Demonstrating environmental leadership in operations and purchasing, the Hilton Americas‐Houston reduced their environmental impact and improved sustainability in accordance with stringent guidelines set out by Green Seal, in order to obtain the environmental certification. Hilton Americas‐Houston instituted and continues to maintain multiple green initiatives at all levels, including:
• Recycling plastic, paper and aluminum
• Composting food waste
• Replacing current guest room lighting with energy efficient, Compact Florescent Lighting (CFL)
• Recycling florescent light bulbs
• Reusing copy paper to minimize waste
• Setting copy machines to default to double‐sided printing
• Purchasing recycled copy paper
• Giving guests the opportunity to recycle in their guest rooms
• Using 2.2 gpm water conserving faucets, 1.6 gfl water conserving toilets and 2.5 gpm water
conserving showerheads
• Using nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning products
• Following an environmental purchasing policy
• Using environmentally responsible suppliers
• Using materials made from post‐consumer recycled content
• Replacing disposable food service items with biodegradable items
• Turning off lights in areas that are not occupied
• Installing on/off lighting timers in low traffic and low occupancy areas
• Recycling liquid shortening
• Recycling toner cartridges
• Recycling batteries
• Serving water only on‐request in the outlets
• Offering guests the option to reuse towels & linens for multiple nights
• Donating partially used amenities to local shelters
• Replacing equipment, as needed, with Energy Star rated models
• Donating leftover food to local shelters, at customers’ request

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